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AOE'S origin story

Weird Yet Wearable Fragrances

At its heart, Area of Effect is a love letter to the artists and developers of my favorite way to escape into a new reality. I have mad respect for these hardworking folks who poured their hearts & creativity into these beautiful games. My goal is to take characters, places, and items from video games & board games and ascribe to each a unique and evocative scent profile - as though you're part of the experience. Games are truly immersive fantasy, so what better way to dive in than to use your most basic olfactory sense to observe the world around you? 


Have you ever wondered what one of the great cities of Skyrim smell like, or what it's like to catch a whiff of Princess Zelda's hair? I want to provide that experience for you with my smelly fan-art :) I hope my scent interpretations do them justice - thanks for being along for the ride!


Allie is a nature-loving, yoga-studying, cozy gamer with a particular soft spot for RPGs & cute farming sims. She also performs locally as a mushroom fairy who trades for art, and is happily married to her college sweetheart. She practices witchcraft and her familiar Auri is her best friend! She believes wholeheartedly in the act of empowerment, intention, and self-love that perfume can bring to everyone's daily routine!

allie profile 3_edited.jpg

Plant-based, tattoo-loving weirdo,

possibly feral mad scent scientist, 

at your service <3

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