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Animal Crossing New Horizons Sample Pack

This sample pack is a promo that includes all six of our new Animal Crossing inspired scents!

Included are 1 mL samples of:

· Isabelle - peach, black pepper, fresh cut grass, soft vanilla fur, dry wood, cedar

· Celeste - red apple. rose, pine, fall leaves, white amber, benzoin, cinnamon sticks, patchouli

· Sable - cherry accord, cherry blossoms, pink pepper, pistachio, rice milk, sweet musk, cashmere, clove

· Saharah - orange, lime, mango, black tea, tanning lotion, curry spice*, dark champa, myrrh (*allergy warning - please patch test, as curry oil may be irritating to sensitive skin)

· Daisy Mae - pear, gardenia, honeycomb, tobacco leaf, brown leather, tonka bean, sandalwood

· K.K. Slider - coconut cream, rum, pineapple, chai spice, nutmeg, graham cracker

Each of these have their own listings as well, if you're looking for larger sizes. No substitutions, please!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Sample Pack

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