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RPG Sample Pack

This sample pack is a promo that includes all seven of our RPG inspired scents from the Spring 2021 Let's Play Collection!

Included are 1 mL samples of:

· Constitution
 - brownie, raspberry, peanut butter, vanilla bean

· Charisma - cotton candy, cherry blossom, vanilla bean, champagne, strawberry, soft vanilla

· Dexterity - strawberry, cupcake, basil, fresh dirt, grass, rose, powdered sugar

· Intelligence - peony blossom, peach, coconut, olive leaf, cotton candy, vanilla bean

· Wisdom - coconut, honey, white amber, dark champa, dragon's blood, myrhh, parchment accord

· Strength - peanut butter, banana bread, vanilla bean, banana, walnut


· Luck - watermelon, cotton candy, pink grapefruit, plumeria, marshmallow, lemongrass

Each of these have their own listings as well, if you're looking for larger sizes. No substitutions, please!

RPG Sample Pack

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