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Tears of the Kingdom: Surface - Sample Pack

This sample pack is a promo that includes seven Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom inspired scents!


Included are 1 mL samples of:

· Tears of the Kingdom - bright yuzu, white pepper, metal, petrichor, linen tunic, banana leaf, wax candles, motor oil, iso-e-super

· Sheikah - cherry blossom, ripe plum, zen rain accord, dewy bamboo, amber accord, sliced cucumber

· Calamity - sage, smoke, blood orange, dragon's blood, black cherry, dark sandalwood, benzoin, dark amber, animalic musk

· Mipha's Grace - honeydew melon, heliotrope musk, watermelon juice, cucumber water, champagne, lotus flower, mint leaf

· Daruk's Protection - smoke, cardamom pods, lava accord, stone accord, burnt wood, clove, leather, hot spice

· Urbosa's Fury - every incense in my collection, dark amber, cardamom, alluring vanilla accord, chai spice, ginger root


· Revali's Gale - fresh air accord, balsam fir, forest, juniper berry, white pepper, rosemary sprig


Each of these have their own listings as well, if you're looking for larger sizes. No substitutions, please!

Tears of the Kingdom: Surface - Sample Pack

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