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Tears of the Kingdom: Sky - Sample Pack

This sample pack is a promo that includes six Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom inspired scents!


Included are 1 mL samples of:

· Zelda - hylian accord (spiced apricot), tuberose, white chocolate, parchment accord, amyris, light musk

· Hero of Time - metal, hyrule fields, copal, leather, tobacco, sea salt, mushroom, teakwood accord, breath of the wild, tears of the kingdom

· Purah - zonai machinery, gardenia, goat butter, pastry, sexy vanilla, lemon, honeysuckle, cashmere accord, sweet musk

· Korok Seed - cannabis, honeydew melon, wasabi, pear, cedarwood, pistachio, oakmoss

· Bubbulfrog - violet, fizzy cola, cherry blossom, white chocolate, heliotrope, tonka bean

· Great Fairy's Kiss - pink pepper, passion fruit, guava, ginger, watermelon, sexy vanilla, cotton candy, candied vanilla, dark sandalwood


Each of these have their own listings as well, if you're looking for larger sizes. No substitutions, please!

Tears of the Kingdom: Sky - Sample Pack

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